ReGen® (finasteride) 1 mg Tablets are a Prescription Medicine used to treat men with male pattern hair loss to increase hair growth on the scalp and to prevent further hair loss. Do not give ReGen® to women or children. Do not take ReGen® if you have an allergy to finasteride or any component of the product. Tell your doctor if you have prostate problems. Women should not handle crushed or broken ReGen® tablets when they are or may potentially be pregnant because of the potential risk to male foetuses. Possible side effects are difficulty achieving an erection, problems with ejaculation, less desire for sex, decreased amount of semen released during sex, male infertility and/or poor semen quality, testicle pain, breast swelling and/or tenderness, breast lumps, pain or discharge from the nipples, skin rash and depression. Medicines have benefits and some may have risks. Consult your doctor to see if ReGen® is right for you. Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects, see your health professional. Full Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is available at ReGen® is an unfunded medicine. You will need to pay for this medicine. Normal doctor’s fees & pharmacy charges apply. Mylan NZ Ltd, Auckland. TAPS DA0114JL-34.